What is Helkama?

Heikki Juho Helkama, from the municipality of Pyhtää, founded a machine shop and wholesaler in Tampere in 1905 selling bicycles and sewing machines. The company relocated to Vyborg in 1915. In 1934, the main business was set up in Helsinki. After the war, the operations expanded considerably to include the import of cars and the company’s own industrial operations under the direction of Helkama’s sons Matti, Paavo, Pekka and Eero. Today, Helkama companies employ a total of about 500 people.

In 1986, the Helkama companies were reorganised into four groups, led by Matti, Pekka and Eero’s branches of the family. The common goals of the companies were to be well-functioning and capable of quick decision-making. This reorganisation of the company proved to be very successful. Today, Helkama is an entity of four independent business groups operating in several fields. Already in the fourth generation, it is still proudly a family enterprise.

Helkama’s operations

• Helkama-Auto Oy: Škoda car import and retail sales and its subsidiary Helkama Rent Oy’s Avis and Budget car rental business
• Helkama-Kiinteistöt Oy: business premises and conference room rental
• Suomen Koneliike Oy: real estate and holding company operations & import and wholesale of home appliances by its subsidiary Suomen Kodinkonetukku Oy
• Helkama Emotor Oy: the cable business of its subsidiary Helkama Bica Oy, the bicycle business of its subsidiary Helkama Velox Oy, and the manufacture of water cooling systems for its subsidiary Adwatec Oy’s power electronics
• Uuttera Oy’s and Kiinteistö-Uuttera Oy’s real estate and holding company operations

Helkama-Auto Oy and Helkama-Kiinteistöt Oy are owned by Helkama Emotor, Suomen Koneliike and Uuttera.

Cars and spare parts

Helkama-Auto is the importer of Škoda cars, spare parts and accessories in Finland and Škoda dealer in Espoo. Customers are served by a nationwide network of independent Škoda dealers and service points. Škoda has a wide selection that offers models and power options to suit the wishes and needs of every customer: all-electric cars, plug-in hybrids, CNG cars and petrol and diesel cars. The future is shaped by smart and innovative transport solutions as well as responsibility and sustainable development. Helkama-Auto Oy’s CEO is Maija Koskela.  

Car rental activities

Helkama-Auto Oy’s subsidiary Helkama Rent Oy operates in the car rental business in Finland for the international brands Avis, Budget and Payless. Helkama Rent is one of largest car rental companies in Finland. Helkama Rent has a large network of offices all over Finland. Helkama Rent Oy’s CEO is Ari Ilonen. 

Involved in logistics

Uuttera Oy, founded in 1945, has its roots in the forwarding business. Uuttera was one of the founders of Freeport in Finland Ltd in 1960 and is still one of the shareholders.
In its current form, Uuttera Oy is a holding company based in Helsinki. Its business consists mainly of shareholding in Helkama-Auto, Helkama-Kiinteistöt and vehicle logistics company Assistor-Uuttera Oy. Kiinteistö-Uuttera Oy is a company specialised in owning and renting commercial property, based in Helsinki. Uuttera Oy’s CEO is Joni Bäcklund.  

Business premises and conference room rental

Helkama-Kiinteistöt Oy rents storage, office and retail space in the properties it owns. In addition, Helkama Talo (Lautamiehentie 3, Espoo) has several conference and cabinet rooms of different sizes for rent. The restaurant operator in Helkama Talo is Amica. The CEO of Helkama-Kiinteistöt Oy is Juha Kekkonen.

Cables for ships and industry

Helkama Bica Oy, a subsidiary of Helkama Emotor, is a company specialising in ship and telecom cables in Hanko and Kaarina. Helkama Bica’s subsidiaries are Helkama Bica (Shanghai) ja Helmacab Holland. The company’s cable expertise goes back more than 50 years, to the Helkama radio factory in Hanko. More than 80 per cent of Helkama Bica’s turnover now comes from exports to 50 countries. Significant applications include ships, telecommunications applications and industrial plants. Helkama Bica group employs approximately 245 people, and CEO of the parent company is Mikko Mattila.

The Finnish bicycle

Helkama Velox Oy, a subsidiary of Helkama Emotor, designs and produces modern and high-quality Helkama electric bicycles in Hanko, in Finland’s largest bicycle factory, and the only one that manufactures more than 25,000 bicycles a year.

In addition to new electric bicycle models, the factory produces the Key Flag products that Finns love, such as the classic Aino, Oiva, Saana, Jääkäri and Jopo bicycles. They are also available as electric bicycles. You can see and feel our years of experience in every bicycle Helkama manufactures, and we are a pioneer of electric cycling in Finland. We have designed our bicycles for all circumstances and needs – from the city to the country, sand to asphalt, Hanko to Ivalo. Craftsmanship, design and new technology are smoothly combined in each Helkama bicycle. Helkama also imports well-known and high-quality Merida and KTM bicycles. Helkama Velox employs approximately 80 people, and its CEO is Tero Valtonen.

Water cooling of power electronics

Adwatec Oy, a subsidiary of Helkama Emotor, designs and manufactures water cooling systems for power electronics, for cooling high-powered electricity network compensation equipment and batteries. Most of Adwatec’s sales operations are directed to large international customers, and typical applications of its products are ship power systems and electricity transmission stations. Adwatec has over 30 employees and the CEO is Heikki Mustonen.

Import and wholesale of home appliances

Suomen Kodinkonetukku Oy, a subsidiary of Suomen Koneliike Oy, specializes in importing and wholesaling of various home appliances. Essential and versatile product category is the high-class, user-friendly and ecological Helkama collection. Buyers are served by a nationwide retailer and service network. The company's CEO is Eero Talvela. Helkama has been supplying home appliances to Finnish kitchens since the 1950s.